Why do I need self build insurance ?

If you are building your own home or renovating your existing home and using direct labour then self build insurance is a must to ensure you have the right protection while the build is ongoing.


Features of the product:

  • Choice of 12 month, 18 month, 24 month term of build
  • We will note the interest of your lender automatically
  • Property – cover against all risks relating to loss of or damage to the buildings you are erecting (example fire, flood, storm etc)
  • Employers Liability cover – covers your legal liability if anyone working on your project is injured or becomes ill as the result of an accident
  • Public Liability cover – covers your legal liability if a member of the public is injured as a result of your building work
  • Cover for fire brigade charges up to €6,500


Building your own is a major investment. There is the potential for many things to go wrong during the process. Why not ensure you have suitable cover in place to protect you during the build.