When building a new home or extending your existing home via the ‘direct labour’ method there are various different exposures from which you will require protection. As you are now the ‘employer’ and ‘project manager’ you are now ultimately responsible for the site and the safety of labourers on site.

Self-build insurance policies are designed to protect individuals building/renovating their own homes in Ireland to ensure their build project/investment is safe from start to finish. Should your property incur damage during the course of construction you could suffer a serious financial loss and delay. Worse again, if an employee or member of the public were to get injured on site the cost of a personal injury claim, especially in the current climate would most likely halt your build completely. Can you afford to build/upgrade your home without this cover?

At Sheridan Colohan Insurance Brokers we offer comprehensive self-build insurance policies at an affordable premium which cover you for the following:

  • Building Works & own plant/materials (all risks basis)

Cover for;

  1. a) Existing structure (fire only cover)
  2. b) Renovation/extension
  3. c) Your own plant/materials (i.e. generator, cement mixer)
  • Fire Brigade Charges

Covers the cost of fire brigade attendance consequent upon fire

  • Hired in plant

Hired in plant/equipment if deemed responsible under a hiring agreement

  • Public Liability

Cover for claims made against you in respect of personal injury or property damage to any third party on site. Cover provided for up to €2,600,000 any one occurrence.

  • Employers Liability

Cover for claims made against you by any employee on site under your direction/control  for which you are deemed responsible, whether they have their own insurance in place or not. Cover provided for up to €13,000,000 any one occurrence.

It is imperative to put your self-build insurance policy in place prior to starting the construction works.

We work with the leading self-build insurance providers on the market who offer 12, 18 and 24 month self-build policies to give you that extra piece of mind when building/renovating your house.

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