Public Liability Insurance

If you’re a business owner who deals with the public in any way, from clients visiting your premises to you or your employees working off-site, then you should consider public liability insurance. Without it, your business could face costly compensation pay-outs were you to be sued by a member of the public for injury or damage.

What is covered by Public Liability?

Public Liability protects you and your business against two main risks:

  • The risk of causing damage to another person’s property
  • The risk of causing injury or death to another person
Accident Boy injured

If you run a business that deals with the general public, you could run the risk of them suing you for injury or damage caused to them as a result of you conducting your business. Such a claim, whether warranted or not, could end up being very costly without the correct coverage in place.

For the most part, Public liability insurance is not compulsory. It is very much up to an individual to determine if they want to purchase it or not.

The amount of cover needed will vary from business to business. A good starting point is to try to put a figure on the worst damage your business operations could cause, plus additional potential defence costs and awards granted that could be granted to injured third party.

As mentioned above, Public Liability protects you against claims made by the general public for injury or property damage inflicted as a direct result of your business. Professional Indemnity protects you against claims made against you as a consequence of advice you have provided.

The answer to this very much depends on the nature of your business. In high level terms, if you offer advice then you should consider Professional Indemnity. However, if the general public visit your offices or business establishment, then Public Liability is a good idea.

Our experienced and qualified staff can assess your needs and create a tailor-made insurance policy that will ensure you have the correct level of protection.

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